Dear Fintax Investor,

Please find attached the April 2020 fund fact sheets along with a commentary by MGIM who manage the Fintax Funds in London.

Both Funds participated in the brief April stock market rally. Earlier this month they increased protection in the Funds by way of S&P500 index put options, precious metals, cash and treasuries in order to provide better protection should markets deteriorate again from here.

Below, we have included a link to a webinar by the Artisan Partners Global Value Team. This should give investors a good idea of their views on capital allocation. The Artisan Global Value Fund is the largest holding in both Fintax Funds. 

Dan O'KeefeLINK: Artisan Partners Global Value Team First Quarter 2020 Update 
Featuring Dan O’Keefe, Portfolio Manager (audio)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you wish to discuss this information.

Growth Fund Fact sheet

Balanced Fund Fact Sheet