Dear Fintax Investor

Please find attached April’s fund fact sheets, and commentary from MGIM. Last month, the Growth Fund delivered 4.6% and the Balanced Fund delivered 3.6%. As you may know the Growth fund has undergone some changes and is now more equity focussed, with a target portfolio of 90% equities and 10% made up of precious metals, cash and options for protection. As a result there will be changes to the benchmark, and structure of the fund fact sheets. These changes are still being approved by MGIM’s compliance team, and will hopefully be finalised in time for next month’s fact sheets.

Investors may have noted the strong rally taking place in the performance of the more Value-oriented managers in the funds, such as Hotchkis & Wiley, Conventum Lyrical and Dimensional. Below we included a link to a recent podcast with David Green, one of the portfolio managers at Hotchkis & Wiley, where he covers the following topics:

  • A review of what distinguishes Value opportunities in the marketplace
  • The current dichotomy between value and growth
  • What risk management means to Hotchkis & Wiley
  • Where they are finding opportunities today


Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any comments or queries.