Preserving and creating wealth since 1983

Fintax is a privately owned wealth management business ensuring independent advice.

Our Story


Since 1983 the Fintax Group wealth management team has advised clients, their families and entities, both on and offshore, in preserving and increasing their wealth. The firm was established by Anabel Mackie who has since created and strengthened relationships with a global network to ensure that clients are best positioned.

Our Purpose


The Fintax Group wealth management team believe our role is to identify the solutions to meet the financial aspect of our clients’ goals over both the short and long-term, harnessing our global network. We give tailored advice and solutions to all our clients that we believe will best suit their needs. We keep a transparent relationship with our clients and maintain that these solutions provided are tax efficient and fee sensitive.

Our Approach


Begins with an in-depth evaluation of our clients’ current position and future needs. Thereafter we are in a position to design a tailormade solution. This needs to be adaptable to meet the challenges ahead and is regularly reviewed to ensure that it meets the client’s mandate.

Our Investment Philosophy


In order to generate the best possible returns throughout an investment cycle, we invest across all asset classes including equities, property, fixed income and private equity, both on and offshore. In addition, we believe in a multi-manager investment strategy, as no one manager is able to consistently outperform across all regions and all asset classes. Fintax has developed direct relationships with managers and firms with whom we deal, to ensure we are kept updated on portfolio positioning decisions.


All client information is kept confidential.


Acting in the best interest of our clients at all times.


Being privately owned our independence enables us to offer unbiased advice.


All information, including fees and performance, are fully disclosed.