Dear Fintax Investor,

After a strong performing 2019, in January 2020 the Fintax Funds declined by 0.5% (Growth) and 0.2% (Balanced) relative to +0.4% for the MSCI ACWI and +0.8% for the ICE BofA Global Broad Market Bond Index. Over rolling 12-months, the Fintax Funds have delivered +11.2% (Growth) and +10.9% (Balanced).

You’ll note from the fund fact sheets that the London advisory team have slowly diversified the ‘’value’’ investment style exposure of the Funds. Whereas previously, they only held the Contrarius Global Equity Fund, they now also hold positions in Artisan Value, Conventum Lyrical and Dimensional Emerging Markets Value. This exposure is, however, counterbalanced by exposure to the “growth’’ investment style, with positions in Sands Capital Global Growth and Sands Capital Emerging Markets Growth as well as more stable ‘’quality-value’’ holdings in Morgan Stanley Global Brands and Veritas Global Focus.

Balanced Fund Fact Sheet

Growth Fund Fact Sheet