An integrated focus on investment and wealth management

Some of our financial services at Fintax include meeting
performance targets and income reviews; providing consolidated performance reports and handling all
contact with certain investment houses. All financial services performed for our clients are conducted at the highest standard, ensuring a world class service. We take pride in being a 
privately owned investment and wealth management business ensuring independent advice.

‘’It’s good to know that these complex matters are being closely controlled and checked , and the correct amounts transferred . Thank you to you and the team.’’

“Please convey my sincere appreciation to Anabel for her hard work and relentless customer focus and dedication.”

"…your efficiency continues to exceed my already high expectations."

Crystalise your
Financial Plan


We assist our clients to identify and prioritise their financial goals.

Local and Offshore


These solutions may be on or offshore depending upon the most appropriate solution for you.

Private Share


This enables you to invest in a share portfolio designed to your personal mandate.



Investing in retirement annuities, pension and provident funds and living annuities for retirement.



Investing capital which has already been taxed in a range of investment funds, both local and global.



Assisting with the finer details of generational wealth transfer.

Cash Flow


We stress test our recommended portfolios projecting investment returns, exchange rate differentials and income draws.



With increased longevity, we assist our clients in maintaining their lifestyle in retirement.

Tax Efficient


With tax rates rising, we maximise on the opportunities available to investors globally.

Blueprint for


Aimed at equipping young professionals to meet their financial goals.

Offshore Private Equity & Private Credit Investments


Through the Carlyle Group’s upper quartile offering, we have access to a range of private equity and credit investments.

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Crystalise your Financial Plan


Local and Offshore Investments


Private Share




Post-Tax Investments


Estate Planning


Cash Flow Projections


Retirement Planning


Tax Efficient Investing


Blueprint for Life


Offshore Private Equity & Private Credit Investments


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