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Fintax Group Financial Services

Since 1983 Fintax has advised clients, their families & entities, both on & offshore, in increasing their wealth

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Top Wealth Management

Good financial planning is all about balance and adaptability  – growing your assets and meeting future liabilities.

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Fintax Group Financial Services

Relationships are key: Throughout the years we have created & sustained relationships both on and offshore

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Top Financial Planning

Advice on all elements of your financial affairs with the aim of identifying the best solution for the job in hand.

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Financial Planning South Africa

Financial Planning With Fintax

Since 1983 Fintax has advised clients, their families and entities, both on and offshore, in preserving and increasing their wealth. Fintax was established by Anabel Mackie, CEO and Chairman; and, although, based in Johannesburg, their clients are distributed worldwide, including in the United Kingdom, United States, Europe and Australia ….

Expert Financial Services

Fintax has a clear investment philosophy, which underpins the way we manage our clients’ portfolios. In order to generate the best possible returns during all stages of the investment cycle, we believe in investing across all asset classes, including equities, bonds, cash, property and alternative investments. When investing offshore, we believe in a multi-manager investment strategy, as no one manager is able to consistently outperform across all regions and all asset classes. As a result, we have adopted a multi-manager, multi-asset class investment approach internationally. However, when investing in South Africa, it is often best to select one good asset management firm. This is largely due to the size of our single stock market. We have direct relationships with the majority managers and firms with whom we deal, to ensure that we are kept updated on their views of global markets and how this translates into the current portfolio positioning of our clients’ portfolios.

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Social Responsibility

Fintax believes powerfully in the importance of education in South Africa and have a dedicated annual budget to cater for this need.

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